September 22, 2021


Most Bots Push Main Stream Narratives

Since the 2016 election, the American people have been inundated with firebrand rhetoric about the damage created by bots. According to USA Today columnist Chris Truax, “The goal of these trolls isn’t just to manipulate our elections, it’s to fundamentally damage our democracy and undermine our trust in American institutions.” During the 2020 election, when asked

The most banned woman in the world

A congressional candidate for Florida’s 21st district stood out amongst the crop of 2020 challengers looking to unseat an incumbent, in that the woman in question has been deemed unsuitable to see or hear by many of our favorite names in media. Surprisingly, Laura Loomer, 27, of Delray Beach Florida, has experienced an incredible number

How billionaires make trillions of dollars during a pandemic?

Without judgment, why are billionaires making trillions of dollars during a pandemic? According to an Oxfam study, since the ascent of the coronavirus, the world’s 10 richest men have seen their wealth increase by a combined half a trillion dollars. Incidentally, that’s more than enough money to cover the cost of vaccination for everybody on

Big Tech Policy: EU VS USA

Unlike America, The European Union has a different taken an oppositional stance to American tech companies running rickshaw over privacy rights. Founded in 2004, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) aims to ensure the privacy rights and data protection of Europeans. If you live in America, I understand, you might have never heard those words

Cracks Detected in International Space Station

Houston, we have a problem. Russian aerospace engineers discovered “one more crack” in the International Space Station (ISS) this week, says mission lead Vladimir Solovyov. “So far, we have found one place and suspect another, whereas some kind of leak exists,” Solovyov said. He described the air loss as “insignificant.” The ISS typically maintains air

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