September 22, 2021

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Greater Idaho: Red Counties Look to Join Red State

If you’ve ever felt politically isolated in the state you call home, hope might be around the corner. After successful petitions, counties in Southern and Eastern Oregon, as well as the Northernmost part of California, could have an interesting proposition on the 2022 ballot: stay in a perennially blue state or leave to the redder

Freud on socialism

A Freudian Critique of Big Government

The concept of a person without society or culture has been a fixation amongst humanity since at least the start of our written tradition. With the first emergence of civilization in the Mesopotamia valley came the character Enkidu of the Epic of Gilgamesh, the first recorded use of this “wild man” trope in our earliest

The most banned woman in the world

A congressional candidate for Florida’s 21st district stood out amongst the crop of 2020 challengers looking to unseat an incumbent, in that the woman in question has been deemed unsuitable to see or hear by many of our favorite names in media. Surprisingly, Laura Loomer, 27, of Delray Beach Florida, has experienced an incredible number

Race hustling in America

The Division Industry

There were over ten million arrests made in 2019 in the United States. We’re currently operating our country as if the following is true: American civility and safety are dependent on each of the millions of arrests involving Black Americans not looking bad on video. When that unfortunate event occurs, the following is not how

Debord's spectacle in politics

The Spectacle of Mass Media: Debord was almost right

In 1967, philosopher Guy Debord released The Society of the Spectacle, a book that would go on to influence a generation of thinkers with a concept the author called the spectacle. Similar to Adorno’s Culture Industry, Debord viewed the spectacle as a creation of the 1920s, epitomized by modern advertising and public relations. In the

America's perpetual war

America’s Perpetual War

As we have seen so many times, most recently with President Biden’s attack on Iranian-backed militias in Northern Syria, a change in American leadership doesn’t necessarily mean a change in American foreign policy: perpetual war. 20 years after the War on Terror began, we have accepted that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only represent

Hillary Clinton and Kurdish female fighters

Hillary Clinton’s new Kurdish television show

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are set to produce a new TV drama based on the experience of female Kurdish fighters in Rojava (Northern Syria). Based on Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice, the series revolves around the exploits of members of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in their

Does Amsterdam aim to replace capitalism?

If you were to go to a grocery store in Amsterdam. you would notice a new system of detailed price tags. 6¢ to fairly pay workers extra per kilo for their carbon footprint  5¢ for the toll the farming takes on the land  4¢ extra per kilo for their carbon footprint The Amsterdammers call this

Joe Biden: The 45th President?

Joe Biden is commonly regarded as the 46th President of the United. Surprisingly, only 44 men have held the coveted position. Where did this miscount come from? Spoiler Alert: It is Grover Cleveland’s fault Holding the distinct honor of being the only White House tenant to serve two non-consecutive terms, occupying the job from 1885

Joe Biden Kurdish Question

Turkey’s Strange Biden Claims

Turkey – with its rampant incarceration of journalists and educators, its long history of civil rights violations against minority groups, and its duplicitous relationship with the Islamic State – has long-been a NATO ally that brings the entire organization into question. To start this next chapter of Turkish/American relations, high-level AKP officials have spread a conspiracy theory


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