June 8, 2023

3 thoughts on “Hysterical NAACP Tells Black Americans to Avoid This State

  1. No race, ethnicity, or LGBTQ+ or other group needs special PR in schools. One rule for everyone: assault, threats, intimidation, bullying are unacceptable regardless of who it’s done to. Consistent enforcement, too, of course, which has been lacking in some cases; and the only difference from those regrettable cases vs the behavior of the woke is that they would switch around who they framed and who they gave a pass, rather than getting serious about leveling the field. If people insist on grudge scores, that will NEVER happen.

    A regular history without special propaganda on behalf of the historically oppressed will confess quite enough to acknowledge past misdeeds, even if not in excruciating detail. And far enough back, probably the ancestors of most people here of all colors were having a bad time at the hands of others, including the ones who came here voluntarily, otherwise they would never have left their place of origin.

    Sob stories and grudges are a distraction from learning the skills needed to offer at least as much value in the workplace and life as one’s competition.

    1. Look at the NON SLAVE state of California, who never had slaves yet they are giving Reparation’s? Why? People today are not responsible for the actions of people from 200 years ago no matter what nationality or ethnicity they are. Even if yo did there has been at least 6 generations since the Emancipation Proclamation and each generation say averages 3 children. Do the math and figure out how much each person gets to day from the beginning. It ends up in the cents. Who is pushing hat pipe dream. What about the white share croppers, the Irish, the Chinese, even the Russians. You must include them. Maybe we should all get reparations if we want equality. Lets all add $1000 to our income taxes so that we can get back $1.50 in divided reparations today.

  2. The only thing that keeps racism going is people who make big money off of it. Look at who is pushing racism, mostly black individuals full of lies to keep it going as a crutch to blame someone else for their problems. Professional Blacks are totally embarrassed by these people and wish it would just stop. Of course there are others who blame whites for their lack of education and opportunities, when they walked out of school as soon as they could, did not strive to get a job and work their way up. Todays society in general thinks the world “Owe’s” them, so who is to blame, those who lie and oppress to make money off it or those who are gullible enough to believe the racist hype?

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