New Jersey is currently investigating a potential case of double counting, which may have impacted the outcome of one or more local elections in 2022.

The state’s attorney general, Matthew Platkin, announced the investigation last week after reports surfaced regarding voting irregularities in Monmouth County.

Platkin emphasized the importance of protecting citizens’ right to vote and maintaining the integrity of the democratic process, stating that a thorough investigation is necessary to restore public confidence in the election system and to recommend reforms to improve future contests throughout the state.

According to reports by the New Jersey Globe earlier this month, several municipalities in Monmouth County experienced tabulation problems during the midterm elections, which were only discovered two months later as part of an unrelated Board of Elections investigation.

However, the news blog later reported that county officials were notified of the voting machine issues back in November. Although multiple towns were affected, the Ocean Township Board of Education contest was particularly close, and double voting may have impacted the results.

Former board member Steve Clayton won over incumbent Jeffrey Weinstein by 20 votes, but an informal tally showed Weinstein ahead by one vote. On January 20, Platkin collaborated with Monmouth County officials to petition the court for a full recount and recheck in the affected towns.

Clayton took office this month, but acknowledged that the final results may change. He emphasized the importance of the election’s integrity and the public’s confidence in the outcome, stating that his main concern is that whoever ultimately takes the seat will have that trust.