On Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced that bank records obtained through a subpoena reveal that Hallie Biden, President Biden’s daughter-in-law, received $35,000 from Chinese cash in 2017.

The money was transferred to her by John “Rob” Walker, a Biden family associate, after he received $3 million from CEFC China Energy’s affiliate, Chinese State Energy HK Limited. President Biden dined at Hallie Biden’s residence last Friday, but it’s unclear if they discussed this revelation.

The first transfer of $25,000 was made on March 20, 2017, according to a memo sent to committee members by Comer on Thursday morning. This information was exclusively revealed to The Post.

According to Comer, the recently uncovered information presents a new and surprising angle for further investigation. Furthermore, Comer points out that the bank records don’t provide the first names of all the Biden family members who received money, indicating that there could be additional relatives who were involved in the matter.

Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015, and the mother of two of the president’s grandchildren, Natalie and Robert Hunter. She dated the president’s other son, Hunter Biden, from around 2016 to 2019.

“Democrats described our subpoena as providing nothing more than records for Papa John’s and Starbucks, but they failed to mention the records we’ve received documenting the Biden family’s business schemes,” Comer said, referring to committee ranking member Jamie Raskin’s disclosure of the subpoenas earlier this week.

According to Comer, Biden family members and their associated companies received payments totaling over $1.3 million over several years from accounts linked to Rob Walker.

A large portion of this money came from a wire transfer from a Chinese energy company and was distributed not only to Hunter and James Biden but also to Hallie Biden and an unnamed “Biden.” It is unclear what services were provided to justify this substantial sum of money.

Approximately one-third of the funds were passed on to another Biden family associate, James Gilliar, while the remaining $1,065,000 was shared among various Biden family members over a three-month period.

Comer’s memo raises concerns for investigators, as it questions why Hallie Biden, who is publicly known to work as a school counselor, received payments from Robinson Walker, LLC.

The memo also raises questions about the owner of a bank account labeled simply as “Biden” that received four payments totaling $70,000 from Walker’s account between March 6 and May 17, 2017. The remainder of the funds seemed to have been directed to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and James Biden, President Biden’s brother.

It’s worth noting that the funds from the Chinese venture were transferred less than two months after Joe Biden’s term as Vice President under Barack Obama had ended.

Based on prior reporting from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, it was revealed that he and his brother James Biden received at least $4.8 million from CEFC China Energy in 2017 and 2018. CEFC China Energy was a defunct entity that played a role in Beijing’s foreign influence campaign known as the “Belt and Road” initiative.

Before the recent revelation of her financial ties to a Chinese energy firm, Hallie Biden’s only previous association with any potential criminal activity involving the Biden family was when she disposed of a gun belonging to Hunter in a Delaware dumpster during their tumultuous relationship in October 2018.

The Post previously reported in October 2020 that documents found on Hunter Biden’s laptop contained an email from James Gilliar in May 2017, which proposed that the “big guy” receive 10% of the CEFC deal.

Before the 2020 election, Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of Hunter Biden and a whistleblower, claimed that he had a personal meeting with Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss the CEFC venture. In the May 2017 message, both Bobulinski and Gilliar identified Joe Biden as the “big guy.”

Republicans have criticized Joe Biden for being too lenient on China, particularly on issues such as investigating the origins of COVID-19, which led to the deaths of more than 1 million Americans, and curbing the export of fentanyl, which caused the deaths of around 196,000 Americans between 2018 and 2021.

According to online business records, it appears that the son of the former vice president, Hunter Biden, still holds a 10% stake in BHR Partners, a state-backed company that claims to manage $2.1 billion in assets.

In 2013, shortly after joining his father on an official trip to Beijing aboard Air Force Two, Hunter co-founded BHR Partners. The Wall Street Journal reported that Hunter introduced his father to BHR CEO Jonathan Li in a hotel lobby during the trip, and Joe Biden subsequently wrote college recommendation letters for Li’s children.

The US attorney’s office in Delaware is conducting a federal investigation into Hunter Biden for potential tax fraud, illegal lobbying on behalf of foreign entities, and other illegal activities.

Hunter has reportedly claimed that he paid his father up to 50% of his earnings. The disclosure of bank subpoenas coincides with an increase in the Oversight Committee’s scrutiny of the Biden family’s business dealings abroad.

On Wednesday, Comer’s staff began examining the suspicious activity reports on Biden family transactions from the Treasury Department, which are likely to involve business dealings with other countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Additionally, he has requested records of the sales of Hunter’s artwork, which were allegedly sold to anonymous buyers through a gallery in Manhattan.