Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before Congress, accusing Twitter of collaborating with Stanford University to execute a “disinformation” and “censorship” initiative to deceive the public regarding vaccines.

The two journalists explained that they had scrutinized documents as part of the “Twitter Files” series, which reveals the increasing influence of social media companies in carrying out the government’s requests.

Taibbi further disclosed a tweet from the Virtality Project, a government-affiliated organization partnered with Twitter and Stanford, that openly discussed censoring real stories about vaccine side effects and other true stories that could cause hesitancy.

“They believe that ordinary people can’t handle difficult truths, so they think that they need minders to separate out things that are controversial and difficult for them.” he added.

“This is very disturbing because what they are doing when they’re putting labels on [the tweets] is that they are actually also trying to discredit you. It’s a form of censorship but it’s also a disinformation campaign,” Shellenberger said.

The clip can be seen here:

According to Big League Politics, Twitter has been hiring numerous intelligence community personnel, including former FBI agents, to potentially obscure the distinction between public and private sectors. The company’s motive is to implement extensive censorship on its platform, akin to Big Brother’s tactics.

Mint Press News conducted a LinkedIn analysis and discovered that individuals such as Jeff Carlton, Mark Jaroszewski, Douglas Turner, Dawn Burton, Karen Walsh, Jim Baker, and other unnamed people such as Cherrelle Y., Laura D., Bruce A., Patrick G., and Matthew W., had transitioned from significant positions in the deep state to important roles at Twitter in recent years.

Coleen Rowley, a former FBI whistleblower who was named 2002 Time Person of the Year, stated that the collusion between Big Tech and the deep state should not surprise anyone since retired agents often sustain good relationships and networks with current agents, which enables them to access information. Furthermore, she emphasized that tech companies use the mythical aura of the FBI to engender trust in their clients.

During Taibbi and Shellenberger’s congressional testimony, they faced backlash from Democrats, which is unsurprising considering their ongoing battle against the Bill of Rights.