In a recent interview, Colin Kaepernick accused his adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, who are white and adopted him at five weeks old, of perpetuating racism.

Despite providing him with a home and life in Turlock, California, Kaepernick claimed that there were “very problematic things” he had to go through because of their skin color.

Kaepernick’s biological mother is white, and he was put up for adoption because his black biological father left before he was born.

Despite acknowledging that his parents loved him, Kaepernick emphasized the importance of acknowledging racism even within one’s own home and working together to address it.

Colin Kaepernick Claims His Parents Made Racist Remarks

Kaepernick has released a new graphic novel titled ‘Change The Game’ and illustrates one example of his parents perpetuating racism.

According to a graphic novel, Colin Kaepernick expressed a desire to style his hair in cornrows like Allen Iverson, but his parents were against it.

In response to his request, his mother expressed surprise and later warned him that the hairstyle was “not professional” and made him look like a “little thug” after he got it done.

While it is a common experience for teenagers to argue with their parents about their hair, Kaepernick viewed his mother’s disapproval as racially motivated due to her being a white woman.

Recently, Kaepernick released a graphic novel containing an excerpt where he accuses the woman who raised him of being racist, which has drawn criticism.