Patrick Wojahn, the Mayor of College Park, Maryland, was arrested and charged with 40 counts of child pornography possession and 16 counts of child pornography distribution.

Following the charges, Wojahn resigned as Mayor, stating that it was in the best interest of the community, even though the investigation did not involve any official city business.

It’s worth noting that Wojahn had previously visited the Biden White House on several occasions and considered Pete Buttigieg, the Department of Transportation Secretary, as his personal mentor.

Wojahn had met Buttigieg in 2015 during the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Winter Meeting in Washington D.C., where Buttigieg was assigned to be his buddy.

Wojahn and Buttigieg were fast friends and would speak on the phone frequently, comparing notes on politics and perhaps other extracurricular endeavors as well.

“I now serve in a leadership role as vice chair of city livability and bicycling in part due to his mentorship,” Wojahn said.

This alleged pedophile was a major supporter of Biden:

In June 2021, Wojahn attended a White House event focused on “Commemorating LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” where he had the opportunity to socialize with Buttigieg and his partner, Chasten. Wojahn had visited the White House on six other occasions as well. Despite this, the Biden administration is playing down the link between Wojahn and Buttigieg, given the charges against Wojahn.

“The Secretary did not know the former Mayor well, but did meet him a number of times through participation in U.S. Conference of Mayors programming, conferences and political events,” a White House spokesperson stated.