There appears to be a significant discrepancy in the way the Department of Justice (DOJ) has handled document searches for former President Trump and President Biden.

The DOJ authorized the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago, the former President Trump’s property, in search of documents, yet it has chosen to keep the FBI out of the search for President Biden’s documents citing the need to protect the integrity of the case.

Via HotAir:

“And yes, it was a decision. They considered it, but somehow decided that sending actual law enforcement agents to oversee the search would “compromise” the investigation. . . .

“We are protecting the integrity of the case by allowing the investigated to run it” is something you rarely hear from FBI agents, I think. This was about not pissing off the boss, period.

Look, I have no real idea what is going on behind the scenes here, but the spin being put out here is beyond laughable.

Somebody wants to embarrass Biden, so this leaks after being withheld for months or longer. Others want to protect Biden, so they soft pedal it all. I am getting whiplash, trying to make sense of it all, and I almost feel bad for the folks at MSNBC who were luxuriating in their Trump bashing. They just lost their shiny new toy over this. The documents scandal for Trump is done, however much they pretend it isn’t.”

Of course the real reason the FBI was kept off of the case was so Biden wouldn’t be embarrassed right before the mid-term elections and beyond.

The formerly great United States of America, beacon of hope and freedom to the world, has become a morally corrupt and bankrupt banana republic.

Sad,it was completely avoidable and both parties are to blame.