If Snowden thought America was corrupt and authoritarian, wait until he finds out more about Russia.

NSA whistleblower and civil liberties icon Edward Snowden has pledged allegiance to Russia and finalized the process to become a Russian citizen.

Snowden has been issued a Russian passport and taken the oath to become a citizen, according to Snowden’s attorney Anatoly Kucherena. Even though he is now a dual citizen, Snowden maintains his loyalty to America, but unfortunately, his country has made him an outlaw for living up to his constitutional oath.

“Lindsay and I will remain Americans, raising our son with all the values of the America we love — including the freedom to speak his mind,” Snowden wrote last year. “And I look forward to the day I can return to the States, so the whole family can be reunited.”

The Biden regime continues to demonize Snowden and paint him as some sort of a traitor for wanting to be united with his family and live a life of freedom.

“Mr. Snowden has long signaled his allegiance to Russia, this step would only formalize that,” U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said to reporters on Friday.

Big League Politics has reported on Snowden’s concerns about the hackable voting machines that are used to allegedly fix elections in the United States:

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden, who exposed the NSA’s illicit spying operation to the world in 2013, is now sounding the alarm about the hackability of digital voting machines…

Other experts have echoed Snowden’s concerns about digital voting machines as well, as there are many vulnerabilities in the nascent technology that can be exploited by various nefarious interests.

“The most vulnerable part of election infrastructure is the websites,” said Jake Braun, a former White House liaison on cybersecurity who set up an experiment showing that children could hack various state election pages with ease.

“It took an 11-year-old girl 10 minutes to do it, and she was the first one,” Braun added.

Braun also feels Snowden’s concerns about the digital voting machines are valid, particularly because much of the technology is engineered in countries with hostile foreign governments.

“The No 1 thing we found last year wasn’t a hack at all, it was the fact that we opened up the back of the machine, and of course, no surprise, all the parts are made across the world, especially China,” Braun said.

“This isn’t conjecture, this isn’t my dystopian fantasy world, this is something we know they do,” he added.

The potential for fraud is greater than ever, as more precincts become dependent on these machines to handle their voting operations on election day.

Snowden is a man of supreme integrity. Hopefully, some day he can return to his home country and receive the hero’s welcome he deserves after the MAGA revolution is completed.