If you thought the Martha’s Vinyard controversy was helpful at exposing leftist hypocrisy, wait for this upcoming action.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears poised to drop off another planeload of migrants — this time near President Biden’s “summer White House” in Delaware.

A charter jet that DeSantis used to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., was scheduled to take off Tuesday morning from San Antonio, Texas, and make a stop in Crestview, Florida, before landing at the Delaware Coastal Airport, according to the founder of the Popular Information newsletter.

The tiny airport, outside Georgetown, Del., is less than 20 miles from Rehoboth Beach, where Biden and first lady Jill Biden bought a $2.7 million vacation home just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in 2017.

However, flight tracking sites listed the plane as delayed or with an “unknown” status and San Antonio Kelly Field airport confirmed to The Post no flight had taken off for Florida by midday, four hours after the plane was scheduled to depart. This raised the possibility authorities had intervened, or the charter was a decoy.

A representative for the City of San Antonio said it had been discouraging migrants from accepting rides or assistance from strangers outside of its Migrant Resource Center.

U.S. representative from San Antonio Joaquin Castro said he had spoken to the city’s mayor and sheriff about DeSantis’ planned flight and blasted the Florida Governor’s “continued use of false promises to lure people … onto planes” but did not say if he had intervened to stop the flight.

The Bexar County Sherriff, Javier Salazar has said he opened a criminal investigation into whether DeSantis actions with the Martha’s Vineyard flight broke any laws.