May 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Biden Tells Military to Apply to Welfare If Hungry

  1. This is disgraceful on so many levels. The most obvious one being that these men and women are protecting us from foreign and domestic threats. They and their families have been and are still being abused at the very government officials they are protecting. Disgusting! The Pentagon has a budget of $800B. Please tell me why it is that families of those serving have to struggle? All while almost a million illegals are being given the red carpet with freebies right and left. Disgusting!

  2. Military pay for an E2 rank, which is entry level, is $2054 per month. If they eat off base, they get a food allowance of $373. That puts their hourly pay around $14. Some fast food restaurants pay higher than that upon hiring. The US should demand that all the NATO nations spend the recommended 2% of their GDP on their military, but give it to us instead and we’ll defend them. That way, we could start our soldiers at $25-$30 an hour, plus benefits. That would, in turn, reinvigorate our manufacturing capabilities. More young men and women would go into the service, and there would be plenty of decent jobs for those who do not.

  3. Well there’s another difference between grandpa incompetent and Trump. Trump never treated our military this way. For God’s sake get this man in a nursing home, prison, or in a room for lethal injection in addition to the rest of that disgusting and appalling administration. How much going on in society, at the pumps, the grocery store, illegals and criminals over running and destroying our cities, a corrupt son and family as they come in addition to never doing his job, taking vacations constantly and a walking mattress for a VP that has done anything worthwhile since coming into office. Either fight for this country hatder Tepublicans and democrats pull your heads out of your butts and vote the gutter trash out of office. Do we have to lose this country to China become a third world socialist country like Cuba or Venezuela? We really have proven there are a lot of ignorant and stupid people in this country to let this happen.

    To our service men and women I am thankful for all of you for protecting our country. Hopefully you will get a better President back in that will treat you better. At this point I could careless if the President goes flying down the stairs from AF1 and breaks his neck, FJB and his adminstration!

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