Apparently Dr. Anthony Fauci is not as popular among regular people as he is among the media and lefty type politicians.

Dr. Fauci was being honored by throwing the first pitch at a Mariners game in Seattle.

What Fauci probably didn’t expect was rather than the adulation he is used to from a fawning media he was met with boos from at least one side of the stadium.

Can’t blame the crowd for expressing their opinion of Doctor Anthony Fauci, in fact I’d be right there with the crowd booing him as well.

Here’s more on exactly what Fauci was going at a Mariner’s baseball game, via ESPN:

Dr. Anthony Fauci was presented with an honorary Hutch Award on Tuesday night prior to the Seattle Mariners’ game against the New York Yankees.

The Hutch Award has been awarded by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center based in Seattle and typically to a Major League Baseball player who “best exemplifies the determined spirit of the late Fred Hutchinson, a pitcher and manager who died of cancer in 1964 at age 45.”

Fauci is the second person to be given an honorary Hutch Award, along with former President Jimmy Carter in 2016.

According to ESPN the crown in Seattle mostly cheered with a handful of boos but I guess that depends on where you are sitting and your perspective.