August 11, 2022

2 thoughts on “High School Kids Forced To Attend Drag Show in Church

  1. This is so wrong on two levels.
    First as the article clearly communicates, it’s the left’s attempt to indoctrinate our children, by force if necessary, to accept deviant sexual perversion as “normal”.
    Secondly and more importantly, it’s an open desecration of what should be a House of Worship which is nothing more than a foul spat in the face of God. If this building is a “church” then it’s a church of Satan with the leader of demons as it’s demigod.

  2. I find this disgusting, repulsive and disrespectful on so many levels. It is becoming more and more the normal way of life for our innocent children to be forced to join in lest they be ostracized by their teachers and peers. The fact that this is being held in a church is equally disrespectful and upsetting. We are seeing a generation of children who will grow up to be very confused and emotionally disturbed as a result of this indoctrination.

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