August 11, 2022

5 thoughts on “Leaked FBI Guide Shows How Conservatives Are Labeled Terrorists

  1. Something is WRONG with a government that spies on it’s citizens, hides wrongdoing and persecutes anyone who disagrees with them.I’m 74 yrs. old and my Dad fought the Nazis in WW 2.This is exactly what Hitler did to gain power in socialist Germany.Hitler took over the media, produced propaganda movies ,and Jessie Owens just blew his mind re:inferior racism in the 1936 Olympics! Communist Russia did the same thing after WW 2.sending “dissidents” to Siberia, controlling media and brainwashing the populace about how great Communism is. Michael Gorbehsov opened up Russia to FREEDOM and capitalism.

  2. Washington is totally out of “synch” with mainstream America.Not only have they defunded the police but “crime pays” with their crooked George Soros attorney generals who refuse to prosecute crime, let repeat offenders out on no bail, and take away guns rights for people to defend themselves.Any person with a legal gun permit who can “carry” is ALWAYS arrested after shooting a perp who has a rap sheet longer than your arm. NOBODY is “safe” anywhere in the USA. The legal gun owners are being persecuted while the ILLEGAL gangs and stolen guns are running rampant. So much for the Dems and “gun control”.

  3. The US equivalent to the Gestapo, the FBI has now reclassified American patriots as “domestic terrorists” while at the same time turned a blind eye to violent anarchists associated with criminal organizations like ANTIFA and BLM. But the FBI isn’t the only federal agency who have become drunk with unlimited power and is allowing themselves to be used as a political weapon of the left. The ATF, DOJ and NSA are just as guilty of such unconstitutional crimes as the bureau.
    This is adequate proof that many federal bureaucrats are making up their own laws to determine who should be targeted or not.

  4. The FBI is corrupt and bought and paid for by Democrats and the majority of Americans know it now.

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