August 11, 2022

5 thoughts on “Lebron James School Killers Avoid Murder Charge

  1. I’m not in the least surprised by this. It’s been pretty obvious to everyone who has been paying attention that our legal system has been biased in favor of minorities for the last several years. The ‘revolving door’ policy for the protesters that burned, stole, and destroyed other people’s properties is a fine example of that bias, and so is this case. Had the racial bias not been in place, each of these perpetrators would have been charged with murder, as it is fairly clear that they wanted him to die.

  2. How many want to bet if the skin color of the victim and killers were reversed and the local prosecutor came to the same idiotic conclusion, the feds under the DOJ would immediately step in and charge the perpetrators with federal murder, civil rights violations and hate crimes.
    However, since the victim’s skin color doesn’t contain the correct amount of melanin, justice is not only denied for the victim but the victim’s family is also made victims of injustice by the same DOiJ.
    And this observation made by a proud American who just happens to not be white.

  3. Today it’s perfectly all right to beat, rob, kill and maim anyone. NOBODY is held accountable for ANYTHING! So THIS is what America has become in 1 and a half years. Nobody believes in God, CRT being taught in schools which tells ALL of “us” to HATE everybody and “GAYS” RULE indoctrinating our little kids with cross dressers “reading” to preschoolers in Libraries.THIS is the REASON everybody wants to come to America?

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