August 11, 2022

7 thoughts on “Black Teens Charged with Hate Crime Over Attacks on Elderly

  1. And in New York they will go Free in a couple of hours. No penalty to steal, destroy property, your beat and kill other beings.

  2. Thank the idiots who put these corrupt, lying, evil ‘ politicians ‘ IN JAIL, where I’m sure, the ‘favor ‘ will be returned to these little witches with a LARGE B!

  3. There are a lot of racists who aren’t white. The democrats don’t get that at all. They have even changed the word racist to mean anyone who disagrees with them.This coddling of thugs and criminals is going to end badly for New York and all other democrat run cities. Someone needs to sue the city for releasing criminal who go out and commit more crimes. Sue them for perpetrating a crime against you that would not have happened if they had not been wrongly let out of jail. Seeing these cities is the only thing they might understand.

  4. With Critical Race Theory, the Slavery Party is still teaching children to judge others based on skin color and not on character.

  5. It is sad these girls do not realize that it was people of color who were just as much responsible for slavery as any white people. Slavery did not start in America it has been going on for centuries but they were sadly not taught history. It is sad these girls do not realize there were white people who were greatly opposed to slavery and responsible for bringing about the end of slavery in England and America. There are many good people of all races. When people of any color act like thugs they become the very thing that they themselves are anger at. Look in the mirror before you throw the first punch!

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