August 11, 2022

3 thoughts on “Whistleblower: The FBI has Tried to Cover Up Hunter Biden Crimes

  1. The FBI not is not only turning a blind eye to the POS Hunter Biden, they’ve done the same for Let’s Go Brandon himself and other leftists such as Nancy Piglosi, acts of domestic terrorism committed by Islamic jihadists within the US, and violent crimes committed by anarchists connected with BLM, ANTIFA and a host of other far left violent groups trying to overthrow the US Constitution. However this same FBI is now targeting parents who dare to speak out during school board meetings about CRT, transgender and homosexual indoctrination of our children in public education and countless other acts of child abuse by teachers, their union and school officials.
    It’s time to permanently disband the FBI NOW!!!!

  2. My guess is that Hunter Biden will be charged with something, a quick sham prosecution, and trial will be held, and he will be found Not Guilty by a partisan judge or jury. Once acquitted, he can not be tried again! Let’s watch and see!

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