August 11, 2022

6 thoughts on “Al Gore Compares Uvalde Police to Climate Deniers

  1. Says the “man” who flies in a GAS GUZZLING PRIVATE JET! Get off your high horse and live like the rest of us do! You’re PATHETIC to compare a school shooting to “climate change”!

    You should be ashamed of yourself, but I am GLAD you NEVER got to be in the White House…We have a bad enough time with the SENILE one we have in there now!

  2. He’s never recovered from that loss to Shrub II in 2000. POTUS BJ had the table set and he blew it, losing bot AR &TN. Hillary followed suit. Both will go down as mere footnotes in historical annals.
    Would have enjoyed watching him debate climate issues with the likes of Lord Acton. Note none of the climate crazies have bother to volunteer either.

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