August 11, 2022

6 thoughts on “Woke Disney Is Making Gender Neutral Characters for Park

  1. Disney doesn’t get it! All these double chin fat woke ol’boys ARE GOING TO HELL, IDIOTS! You deserve ALL that’s coming to you lame brains! You surely are a sick bunch!

    1. Stay out of any part of Disney land and the other parks vacation somewhere else that does not cost so much and more fun

  2. All the management at Disney need to be fired. In addition to their “woke” crap in the US they are complicit with “genocide” now being conducted in the PRC where Falun Gong practitioners are killed for their organs. Disney has business ties with the communists who are doing this. In fact, it is possible the that the upper management (Disney) “with the bucks” have had organ transplants (bought from the PRC) when they had a need for this. It is even possible that US corporate executives from many companies, that do business with arms of the PRC, have also used the availability of immediately available organs.

  3. We’ve been to Disney Fl over 60 times since 1980 our first visit. This past week we there and we saw a young worker with eye makeup lipstick and very feminine looking
    My grandkids (took 7 of them ) the younger ones asked what are they, guys or girls. Very disturbing
    We don’t want our grandkids to see that.
    We will be taking a break from Disney for a while til things change some. Until then I hope the CEO gets a lesson in life on how to deal with the people who voice their opinions In talking to some of the staff there, they too are not to happy the way things are going

  4. Hey you morons you forgot Walt Disney made Disneyland for entertaining families and little boys and girls so now my grand kids can expect some whatever person dressed in a princess outfit and in a deep baritone voice say welcome to non gender land, for me and my kids I DON’T THINK SO

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