August 11, 2022

1 thought on “Leftist Mob Shuts Down Water Plant During Shortage

  1. A few observations:

    1. The email subject line, attached to this story was wrong…it read “Fake Fact-Checkers Working Overtime On Biden Flub”. You may want to speak with your editing staff doing the final editing/verification.

    2. Virtually ALL scientist agree (even the wacko climate change zealots), that there is the same amount of water on the planet, as there ever has been. The volume never changes, just the states of it (liquid, solid, gas). So there is not a water shortage problem, there is a water OVERUSAGE problem. While the global population grows, so does the total amount of water, that is used daily. While some of that usage is needed and critical (medical, drinking, sanitation, agriculture, fire fighting), much is not critical and is useless (lawns, pools, water features – think water parks, vegas fountains and and the like, etc). The problem – as water is drawn from aquafers at higher rates (more people using it), it cannot replenish those aquifer quickly enough, to keep up.

    Still don’t get it…try this…You have $10K in the bank (the aquifer). You earn and deposit $2k in the account each month (replenishment via rain/snow melt, river run off). each month you alone draw out $2k from your account to live on (water usage). You get married and have kids and now you draw out $4k in order to live on (population growth/increased water usage). You still only make $2k/month, so now you are in a deficit, but you don’t really worry because you still are able to draw money from your account (people turning on the tap and still getting water).
    However, you are now in a deficit, and at some point you will drain your account. This will accelerate, if your family/expenses grow. Bear in mind, you have no way to increase the amount of money (water) in this closed cycle or the rate at which the account is replenished…it’s fixed and cannot be increased.
    Make sense now?

    3. While desalination is a stop gap measure, it is not a solution. It works off the flawed philosophies and planning of the past…find another source of water for the growing population to use and deplete. As with the example in #2, the population numbers and behavior s are the problem.
    For all of you who scoff at this, ask yourself this…if you were told all taps would go dry tomorrow morning, and you’d have no water to drink, much less irrigate for food or put out fires, etc., what would you give up today, in order to stop that from happening? Green lawn or drinking water….swimming pool or drinking water…two or three showers a day…or drinking water. Cape Town South Africa faced a Zero water day in 2018…but we all ignore the real world, recent example…because that happened “over there”.

    4. Water usage is a huge issue and grows daily…with the global population. Aside from the obvious problem of running out of water, there are other dangers. Our collective apathy only serves to strengthen the positions of the climate crisis loons and Global/Political oligarchs and tyrants. We hand them the means to declare crisis level conditions and then take sweeping steps to grab power and control…which have nothing to do with solving the core issue.
    Remember, the Elites will use our actions against us…we cause a water “shortage” and they seize that opportunity and impose mandates…that they will not be subject to or affected by.
    Remember, one of their mantras…never let a good crisis go to waste.
    We not only shoot ourselves in the foot, we hand the gun to the leftists and ask them to do it for us.

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