August 11, 2022

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris: Grant citizenship to all illegal aliens

  1. Kamala Harris is certifiably insane, if not, should be charged with treason.. How dare she advocate anything other than expulsion for illegals who by definition are criminals. Harris is an abomination to all true Americans..

  2. Of course the Democrats want citizenship to illegal aliens so they can get those votes and not lose the House or Senate. She is really a crazy person. And to think that Biden said that she was an exceptional lawyer. I would not want her as my lawyer for sure.

    1. I didn’t want him to be president either! Tired and fed up with idiocy and evil. THEY WILL PAY! GOD IS OUR LORD AND OUR JUDGE, and hell will be their home!

  3. Kamala you really are as stupid as you portray. You are completely unfit for this job and a complete imbecile! You should resign and crawl into your hole you came from! You certainly have no business being a VP. Vetween you and AOC I think you cackling hens are fighting to see whom can come up with the stupidest things to say. She needs to go back to the bar she worked at and you need to go back to the street corner you worked. God what a bunch of gutter trash your administration is!

  4. Harris and Biden have no interest in protecting or helping Americans in any way. They do not care about drugs or criminals coming into the country. Their main goal is to get as many Democratic voters in the country as possible.

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