August 11, 2022

2 thoughts on “Is Thomas Jefferson Being Canceled?

  1. Slavery happened. We may not like slavery and how it hurt the African people now, but it existed and it was a way of life. Canceling & destroying every statue or building from that period doesn’t change the fact that people were enslaved. These pieces were of people who were important during that time. By canceling & destroying these pieces we are destroying our history and doesn’t show how we have evolved as people. Now, we are slaves to a government that tells us what we can and can’t do. A government that taxes our hard-earnings so it can exist. We are taxed for working, taxed on food, taxed on purchases, then if we want to sell something we have money taken out of the sale price to pay for taxes we already paid. We are taxed out as the government frivolously spends our money on their dinners, their parties, and expensive in-house gourmet kitchens within the different sectors [HUD, DoD, Doj, etc]. So, why do we constantly destroy a piece of history of the United States because we have evolved as a people? Destroying it doesn’t change that it happened & if we don’t acknowledge that it happened with some of the most important people in our history, how do we keep it from ever happening again? We are all slaves now and we won’t get out alive!

  2. It’s not really about slavery, it’s about discreding anybody who supports individual liberty.

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