August 11, 2022

5 thoughts on “Fraud: Cassidy Hutchinson Texts Leak

  1. Cassidy Hutchinson was a devoted right winger and a Trump loyalist. The problem encountered by her employers was that she was also a proud American who understood that her oath was to the constitution and not to an individual including Trump. In her own words, when she saw how horrible the right wing plans were she was disgusted and horrified. She understood that it was her responsibility to do something about it because she had vowed to do so. The administration lost a devotee and the nation found a patriot.
    The article says that her statements were debunked. This is not true. Those who said that what she reported was not true refused to be sworn in to provide the information that would refute her testimony. She was under oath while her detractors were too “timid” to swear to their statements under oath. In other words they knew that the lying was on their part.
    Cassidy Hutchinson left the right wing establishment speechless and dumbfounded. They have made no statement other than whimpering and they refused to swear even to them.
    Federal prosecutors across the country have all said that they could make a water tight case against the obese lying creep and would love to do so. The big question now is who is going to get first crack at him. Will it be the feds or will it be Georgia. Fani Willis has Fat Donny in the crosshairs and the first person evidence left scattered everywhere by the Fat Boy provides a legal extra capacity magazine.

    1. Bull crap craw back in your basement cause you sure don’t know what you are talking about just like Cassidy youth as fake as she is

    2. Take statements from here people that she is quoting. Then charge her with perjury, she will sing like a canary! When the Republican take both Houses of Congress in November, the investigations
      of the Biden Family Crime Cartel should begin with the hard evidence that has been collected, and Hunters incriminating computer hard drive.This is hard evidence, not hearsay, which is inadmissible in a Court of Law! Also, allow cross examination, which the Democrat witch hunts have never allowed! It is about time that everything is brought out into the open, for the public to see just what a bunch of lying fools the Democrats are!

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