August 11, 2022

4 thoughts on “Hypocrite: Obama Vineyard Requires Thousands of Gallons of Propane

  1. This piece of filth doesn’t know what’s in store for him and michael! Where they, and ALL the DEMONICrats are going, won’t have all the pleasures of life these morons have been enjoying! Yep, your new dwellings will be very hot and painful! Perfect ending for liars, baby killers, pedophiles, God haters, murderers, etc… Enjoy while you’re here!

  2. No mention made of a similar to be completed manse in Hawaii. Only time Barry and Moochie acknowledge their former home in fly over country is when they wave passing over on trips to from Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. Not a bad life for two grifters from Chiraq.

  3. THE HOUSE OF THE WICKED WILL BE OVERTHROWN, BUT THE TENT OF THE UPRIGHT WILL FLOURISH! Proverbs 14/ 11 Enjoy, barry and michael, You and the DEMONICrats WILL see that, standing in front of rubles! GOD IS IN CHARGE!

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