August 19, 2022

5 thoughts on “Chris Pratt Sells Out Christianity

  1. Just another lefty celebrity ignored by the majority of Americans. He isnt changing any minds his comment means nothing to Americans.

  2. Very sad that he used such language to express his view on religion. Perhaps it always was this and he lied to all his fans. I for one will no longer see any of his films.

  3. Another poser shown for what he really is. A worm who thought sucking up to the Christian base in America as a model of virtue and morals would garner him the favor and $$$$ from the followers of Christ.
    Pratt obviously never read Matthew 10:22.

  4. Say “hello” to the newest member of the “New World Order” or “Liberal World Order.” No matter the jargon, Pratt is just another example of a Hollywood sellout who really has no idea how dreadful a direction our world is heading in. Perhaps we conservatives are better served by those who really care about our freedoms and our futures. That’s all.

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