August 11, 2022

2 thoughts on “Biden’s Leaked Voicemail Proves Campaign Lie

  1. I dont know of a time when Joe Biden told the truth. Every thing that comes out of Democrats mouths is a lie . I at this time can not believe anything Biden says or the Democrats say . They lie , cheat, , make new laws in their favor, take away laws that do not help them, Make up lies to destroy peoples lives, They are perverts and want your children to become Gay , They support Drag Queen shows for children and push to get Drag Queens into our Schools. Push and force children into transgender life. Democrats are not Friends of the American People, They do more support for illegals ,than American people. I do Not trust any Democrat.

  2. biden doesn’t need anything but swing on a rope, and….hell’s already got a seat reserved in the Lake of Fire. Have a nice trip, jackass!

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