August 19, 2022

4 thoughts on “Woke Military Refuses to Accept Roe Overturn

    1. What we have here is a breath of fresh air and proof that there are those in the military that are actually conscious. They know that people are at their best when those who are leading them actually give a damn about them. The phoney “christians” that cancelled a right established 50 years ago and approved by the American people by a 2 to 1 margin are obviously against the right to make choices involving ones own life and circumstances. They are more than happy, though, to make sure the you have a lethal weapon and are even willing to finance it, proving that once a child is out in the world it is on its own and those same “christians” don’t really care what happens to it.
      A happy military is an effective one. What does that say about 2/3 of the American people being against the SCOTUS (Heritage Foundation lacks) position they put out to satisfy their handlers.

    2. What was your MOS if you had the courage to serve our country in the military?

      The Federal government steped aside of deciding on abortion as Federal law.

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