August 19, 2022

1 thought on “Is the FBI Taking Over Twitter?

  1. Free speech is SOMETHING that AMERICANS need to fight for! Right NOW these TECH Co.’s are CENSORING “ANYTHING” that “they” disagree with! Debates have TWO sides. We no longer have DEBATES, just one sided “news”, one sided opinions, AND “THOSE” in control are giving all of America “ONE SIDE”, =”THEIRS”! People are entitled to their opinion. What “People” HATE is the fact that these opinions will never see the light of day. Those NOT “brainwashed” STILL “think” for themselves.The DEEP STATE is NOT just embedded in D.C.,it’s in our VOTING SYSTEM! Come mid-terms, poll watchers MUST be in place to SECURE the chain of command, that Ballots are NOT “counted” in the middle of the night with paper covering windows. ELECTIONS MUST be secure AND on the “up & up”. OTHERWISE we’ll have another 2020. Want another Biden?

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