August 19, 2022

8 thoughts on “Pelosi Loses Mind over SCOTUS Decision

  1. Why is anyone taking her seriously? She has a husband who may or may not have been with a “Kamala”(i.e. Hooker), and she’s just as bad as Biden in forming a coherent sentence…and SHE has a history of lying, possible (more likely) INSIDER STOCK TRADING and countless other crimes no average American can or could get away with…

  2. Pelosi, She is the worst, if things do not go her way, she has a fit, and go s into a rage . Pelosi and Biden have the fix, destroy every thing. Roe vs Wade is no longer, so what . Each State now has the power to do what they want with Abortion . But you see it did not go the way Biden and Pelosi wanted it to go . Now they will tell the American people that it was wrong for the Courts to do this . what is wrong is Pelosi and Biden think they ae the only ones who should decide . They are not for America ,or the American people, they are only for what they want. Its a sad day in America when we have Rulers like Biden and Pelosi, the Hitler and Stalin of America.

  3. Amazing, two “Catholics” so out for abortion, ie Baby Killer. For either one to continue calling themselves Catholic is one big lie, another sin.

  4. Since Pelosi is in about her 249th trimester, I guess her mother will have to go to the great State of Californication to get a late-term abortion.

  5. Pelosi is older than dirt & probably more senile than Biden. WASHINGTON needs change -BIG TIME! We have 3 branches of government. ALL are “supposed” to be equal. “The House” under Pelosi holds the “purse strings”.SHE has used this WEAPON of $$$$$, to pass bills that have so much “stuff” & spending in them that NOBODY can even read them! Since “SHE” “let’s” these bills come onto “the floor”, “SHE” controls EVERYTHING!! The “TIMING” is ALWAYS POLITICAL. This OLD LADY had got to go, & I’m 74! “IF” you like paying @ the pump, grocery stores, & paying more for heat & A.C., then vote Dem. in the mid-terms. Otherwise vote Republican or Independent “if” your candidate has a “chance”.Americans have ONE CHANCE to help ourselves come the mid-terms..VOTE & HOPE that your VOTE will COUNT FOR “WHO” YOU voted for!

  6. Pelosi. like Biden “are” practicing “catholics”. Yeah, “right”. EVERY CATHOLIC “KNOWS” that abortion is WRONG, and a MORTAL SIN! For “them” to espouse ABORTION “IS” HERESY! To receive Holy Communion is a SACRILIGE,.These “guys” go to weekly Mass. The priests who give them Holy Communion should “examin” their conscience. BOTH of “THEM” should be excommunicated.& “the priests” in the confessional SHOULD Re-examine their consciences. Boy, do I wish that St. Padre Pio was IN “their” confessional! HE would “TELL” them ALL of their sins! You can’t Lie to Padre Pio-he KNOWS!

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