August 11, 2022

5 thoughts on “Liz Cheney Is Begging Dems To Save Her

  1. Why doesn’t Lis Chaney just change her
    affiliation to Democrat since she has joined
    them after she developed such a vendetta
    against President Trump. Also, Adam Kinzinger
    should do the same.

  2. The sleaze Lizzy is a true blue leftist through and through who’s nothing more than a rabid wolf in GOP sheep’s clothing.
    And you know what we do with rabid canines???

  3. Truly pathetic. Just “switch” Party’s. NOBODY loves Liz Chaney. Her “hawk” father shot a guy while hunting. So much for gun control..She’s a “wanna be has been” & a TOTAL LOSS for her constituents. “VOTE & HOPE” that your VOTE will count!

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