Bill Gates Stopped From Buying Up Farmland

Now single, Bill Gates has switched his attention from operating systems to buying up America’s farmland.

Bill Gates has made himself the single largest private owner of farmland in the United States.

The globalist billionaire expanded his holdings of American farmland, accumulating a total of 242,000 acres of the most arable land in America, according to The Daily Caller.

North Dakota’s attorney general is stepping in after Gates’ trust acquired six parcels of land in Pembina County.

Attorney General Drew Wrigley sent a Tuesday letter to the trust, demanding answers on how he intends to use (or hoard) the land he purchased in the state.

North Dakota law restricts the ownership and leasing of farmland to corporations and limited liability companies. In addition, there are certain limitations with regard to trusts.

If Gates’ trust is unable to demonstrate that it’s using the land in accordance with state law, he could face fines of $100,000 unless the trust divests from the land within one year.

Some of Gates’ public remarks suggest a dark motive for his hoarding of American farmland.

Gates has urged developed nations such as the United States to replace real meat with a synthetic laboratory-made replacement.

“You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time,” the Microsoft founder argued in an interview with the MIT Technology Review, according to The Western Journal.

Gates’ position as the single largest owner of American farmland puts him in a unique position to potentially harm ranchers and cattlemen.

The billionaire could prevent ranchers from grazing their cows on his extensive property, cutting them off from land they’ve used for decades.

This would significantly increase supply pressures on ranchers, and ultimately raise the price of beef at the supermarkets.

The hoarding of farmland also stands to impact the entire American food chain in an era where price pressures make it costlier than ever for Americans to feed their families.

Gates’ trust has 30 days from the receipt of the letter to demonstrate how it’s legally using the land.

The globalist oligarch was also reportedly seen within the halls of the United States Capitol earlier this month.

4 thoughts on “Bill Gates Stopped From Buying Up Farmland”

  1. Anyone else out there hear that Gates was also buying up parcels of land on behalf of the CCP for “re-education” camps?

  2. WakeupAmerica

    The fines totaling $100,000 are a joke to gates and any of his foundations/trusts. That’s probably less than he spends on a daily basis to maintain his elitist life style. If they want to make him (and his entites) fall in line, the fine should be $100,000/acre.

    Until the elite class is made to pay in significant ways, they will never change their view that we, the ignorant peasants, need to be dominated and controlled…FOR OUR OWN GOOD.

  3. No doubt in my mind Gates is doing this to squeeze ranchers out of grazing land and raise beef prices.

  4. The takeaway I get from this article is that North Dakota wants to wipe out family farms and independent farmers. Those farmers usually grew healthy food using generations-old farming methods, so the state wants to replace them with the factory-farms that use artificial fertilizers, made from natural gas, that add no nutrients or vitamins to the produce, all in the name of profits. What does the state get out of this, more taxes?

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