BLM Cheer: White Child is Killed in Front of Lebron James School

Imagine the news cycle if Ketanji Brown Jackson had her life threatened instead of Judge Kavanaugh. Imagine the news cycle if a black child was killed by a white gang in front of a celebrity owned school. American news is no longer about truth. It’s all about narrative.

Ethan Liming, a white 17-year-old boy from Akron, Ohio, was savagely beaten to death last week by a gang of three black adults while playing basketball at a Lebron James “I Promise School”.

“This incident is yet another senseless loss of human life in Akron,” said Akron Chief of Police Stephen Mylett of the incident. “Ethan Liming did not deserve to lose his life on Saturday evening. We mourn his loss and grieve alongside the Liming family and all those Ethan touched during his 17 years of life. As with every homicide in this city, the Akron Police Department will follow every lead and do everything within our power to bring the suspect(s) to justice.”

“Ethan Liming was a young man with a full life ahead of him, and that bright future was senselessly taken from him in the most brutal of ways. This type of violence in our community has ripple effects that touch each person, including myself, in profound ways, and I know the city of Akron is in mourning because of this tremendous loss,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan at the press conference. 

“I want to express my sincere condolences to Ethan’s family, friends, teachers, classmates, coworkers, and everyone whose life was touched by his light. There is no justification for this murder, and I implore anyone with information to please come forward and help Ethan and his family get the justice they deserve,” he added.

Liming reportedly used a squirt gun on the murderers who went into a low IQ rage as a result, brutally pummeling the man and crushing his skull until he was dead. The assailants then reportedly stole Liming’s car to prevent him from getting any medical attention.

Showing what forced multiculturalism has wrought upon America, certain “racial justice activists” with room temperature IQs took to Twitter to imply that Liming deserved his brutal murder by vicious thugs:

Liming’s father, Bill, a minister, said his family will be “forever broken” after the diversity plague claimed his child.

“I just have to have faith that yes, we’re in a sick world, but we can figure this out, and we can make this a better place. I just wish Ethan would’ve been a part of that better place,” Bill said.

“I’ve not really slept since that moment,” he continued. “It was about two in the morning Friday morning. I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything.”

“His little brother is just devastated. Noah idolized his big brother, Ethan. He can’t sleep in his bed. He can’t come close to anything that was Ethan’s. We’re devastated,” Bill added.

The Ethan Liming case shows what will happen in BLM’s America after the demographics fully shift. It will make South Africa pale in comparison. The seeds are being planted for genocide at this very moment, and there is no atrocity against whites the soulless propagandized mob will not condone.

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  1. Whip them and give them “life” in prison. Stop the b..l…t and treat them the way they deserve.

  2. This is truly a tragedy and is heartbreaking. The emotions that you expressed were real, sincere and valid. I agree with every word. Where I have a problem is not with you as an individual, it is the refusal of white America, of which I am a member, to realize that each and every black child or black adult that has been shot, lynched, beaten to death, murdered in church and in their schools, elicit the same feeling and the same emotions that are expressed here but with no acknowledgement of that fact.
    Until this is rectified the statement made here, “whip them and give them “life” in prison. Stop the BLT and treat them the way they deserve”, will continue to be pervasive and will continue to insure that the racial divide widens.

  3. pattyd27057610Pat

    There is no place in this country for racism of any kind. Anyone who would do such an evil thing are evil and degenerate. I don’t care what their color is. This should be prosecuted as a hate crime as it would be if the situation were reversed. White people are not the only people capable of racism. Look at who are committing most of the hate crimes against Asian Americans. That will prove my point. This countries problems will never be fixed until people of all races start showing care and compassion for each other. This is mostly a spiritual issue. When you throw God out of your country you reap a country full of hate and violence. All lives matter and all need to repent and return to God. If we don’t we will soon be judged and all will face that judgement without excuses regardless of skin color. When that happens please don’t say you weren’t warned.

    1. Truer words were never spoken, Patty! These morons are using their ‘ race card ‘, because it is the ONLY excuse they have, to destroy, kill,and steal! These are SICK and DEMONIC times. A LOT of satanic worshipers are popping their ugly heads, in government, in the hollywood crowd, you’d be surprised who, how and where, this is going on.
      We’re in the LAST DAYS, when Jesus comes back, destroys and defeats satan! ( can’t wait for that!) Not only satan though, He sends ALL the God haters, the baby killers, the liars, the traitors, by saying ‘ Depart from Me, for I do not know you’! I don’t care how many times biden walks around with his Bible in hand, wanting to show everyone ,how ‘ spiritual he is, or pelosi who can get communion because of her ‘ enthusiasm ‘over abortion…whatever, they are all disgustingly evil. Again, THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS! People better repent of their sins, receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and CHANGE THEIR LIFESTYLE, if they want eternal life! After all, Jesus died on the cross for all our sorry butts, to have eternal life!
      They can all have this world, all I need is Jesus!

    2. This is not to lessen the intent of your comment, but let’s get some facts here. The last known black lynching was in 1981, 41 years ago. It was wrong, but the cause may have been just. But, forget about the lynchings. In the last 10 years, more whites were gunned down by blacks than the total known lynchings since the 1950’s. Perhaps instead of fanning the fire by past actions, we should make attempt to solve TODAY’S bad deeds, on both sides!

  4. Is there going to be a statue erected for this child after we burn down the city and loot all the stores? Asking for a friend.

  5. This is out and out a racial crime – When caught they should be charged under the Federal Hate Crime statutes! Of course with the anti white administration we are suffering under, nothing will happen to them!

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