August 11, 2022

4 thoughts on “FBI ignoring attacks on pro-life centers

    1. The FBI closed down after WWII and became the FIB. Masters of framing people and manufacturing evidence and even crimes where none exist. They are really great at taking credit for REAL police work done by local police departments,,, Great at seeing to it their shills go free too. – They also excel at blowing investigations into Arkancides that never get solved.

      The FIB glory boys has NEVER represented We the People and you can bet whenever they come up with something, the fix is in with the DOJ. Between the FIB and the ATF the Nazi Gestapo could take lessons.

      They come up with hate crimes in the damndest places but somehow can’t see an anything wrong when a pro life person is attacked and beaten by a gang of pro abortion thugs. Like I said, The fix is in.

      I also have a BIG problem when the department of homeland security starts running around and claiming domestic terrorism. Too much power given to deep state operatives. – Local police can handle anything that a so called “domestic terrorist” can dish out. – I didn’t see the FIB, ATF, or DHS at the arrest of Timothy McVigh. They were not there either when the Sheriff and San Bernadino police stopped and killed the 2-stinking moslem pukes that killed 14 people that had given the broad a baby shower.

      Other then the way they murdered the people at Ruby Ridge they always show up after the fact and then take the local police department’s hard work and claim it for their own. ,,,, OH, let’s not forget how they got their asses kicked by the branch davididans before they committed suicide. Those kids didn’t have to burn to death. They cowboyed that one to beat the band.

      The FIB should be disbanded and every employee down to the janitor fired. All FIB assets especially including the crime lab should be turned over to the Federal Marshals. The department of homeland security should go too. Threats from outside the country are the CIA and Military’s job. We don’t need amateur collage boys stinking their noses where they don’t belong. The Federal Marshals and local police can handle anything inside the country. (They do it now) —- And the ATF needs to have their wings clipped and only handle collection of tax on booze and cigarettes. Take away THEIR guns and fire anybody that is not a tax collector. The congress is more then capable of making laws involving firearms. We don’t need unelected bureaucrats making laws via dictatorial “regulations” that We the People didn’t vote on. All the money that now goes to the FIB, DHS and the ATF should go to the local Police Departments. The are the ones that do all the police work.

      Hey, while we are at it let’s shut down the EPA and OSHA too. The states can handle that “stuff”. Local laws are much more effective and more controlled by “us”) OSHA and the EPA have done more then enough damage to Americans. Time for them to go. We have more then enough enemies outside the country without having our own government causing harm from within like OSHA and the EPA does to us every day.

      Will it ever happen? Nothing is more permanent then a temporary government regulation. Wishful thinking, though.

  1. The FBI does not represent America anymore, they are more corrupt than Russian scammers.
    Biden, Dr Fauci , & the CDC are all corrupt as well

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