An autopsy report revealed by the Detroit News has shown that the FBI executed an alleged “domestic terrorist” in Michigan days before they rolled out their phony Whitmer kidnapping plot.

43-year-old Eric Mark-Matthew Allport was shot once in the back and three times in the head as FBI agents confronted him in the parking lot of a Madison Heights steakhouse. One FBI agent was wounded during the ambush. The FBI and the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office attempted to keep details about the case hidden from the public, but the Detroit News obtained the autopsy report following an appeal.

This all occurred on Oct. 2, 2020 — just days before the fake Whitmer kidnapping was rolled out in an October surprise meant to influence the presidential election. Allport was riddled with bullet holes by the FBI as they supposedly attempted to apprehend him on illegal gun charges.

“It almost mirrors Ruby Ridge, what they did to Eric,” Allport’s mother, Judy Grider, said to the Detroit News. As a child, Allport’s family were neighbors with Randy Weaver, the patriotic martyr whose family was gruesomely murdered by federal agents who ensnared him in an entrapment plot during a lengthy standoff in Idaho.