August 11, 2022

5 thoughts on “Paul Pelosi Killed His Own Brother in Drunk Joyride

  1. he and his evil wife should get ready for hell, where they belong. Sorry, no bar there!

  2. OK, so the guy’s a puke, but we have gas going over 5 bucks a gallon, The commies getting off to one hell of a start on a bogus draconian red flag gun law tha will have jack booted government thugs kicking in every house in the country and seizing every firearm they can locate and AMERICAN newborns becoming sick and malnourished because the FDA is dragging it’s it’s feet and you guys want to talk about a 60 year old accident caused because a 16 year old rich kid didn’t know how to dowshift. And even now, the joker had a couple and got his Porsche hit by a jeep. WHO CARES, We got bigger fish to fry. like how are we going to keep the lid on for 6 more months and days and still have a country when,,,,,,,

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back and keep it this time.

    1. And all this misery whose fault it is? Are you totally blind that you cannot see we are being played by the left’s astuteness, to blame others of their lack of governance skills and total incompetence?

  3. As a mother who knows her daughter is going to jail on Friday because of a bad decision to drink and drive which caused damage to property and totaled her own car, fined thousands of dollars and will be on probation for three years for her first DUI. Saddens me more than I can begin to possibly say, however I believe that this wake up call will stay with her for the rest of her life and thank God no one was injured or killed!

    Having told this sad story which has touched everyone in our family from siblings to nephews and nieces! I can not believe that a politician who opens her mouth everyday claiming equality for all in all issues and that is why she can say she’s is a also a devout Catholic!

    Please explain that after three accidents and obviously more than one DUI that a man old enough (62) as is my daughter (57) to know better can still be getting away without any punishment!! If as this man’s wife claims of total equality it should cause her grief and pain in her family as it has in mine, if anyone reads this and thinks I’m after tit for tat maybe I am, but I can in very clear conscience and from deep in my soul say…I am a very devout Catholic and I receive communion!!!

    My daughter knows she was very wrong and the harm she could have done, I pray that this is the only time she will ever make this kind of a decision.

  4. His brother warned him but even now he doesn’t get clean . Sometimes hard headed people never get smart

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