Families Begged Police To Save Their Children

The government fails to do its job and then uses the tragedy to justify more control. Only in the public sector. Something is fishy here.

Days after the horrific attack on Robb elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, shocked the nation, heart-wrenching video has surfaced showing a group of desperate parents and bystanders assembled outside, begging law enforcement officials to enter the building and stop the massacre that was being committed by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

As young children and their teachers were being murdered inside the school, law enforcement was assembled outside, with over 12 officers creating a perimeter around the group of parents in the parking lot, preventing them from defending the lives of their children.

One of the parents, fed up with the inaction he was observing, called upon the group of distraught mothers and fathers to “just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to.” This idea was made impossible by the heavily-armed officials who were focusing their attention on keeping parents from trying to end the bloodshed, rather than entering the building and ending it themselves.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, it took officials nearly an hour after the initial shooting to end Ramos’ rampage. 

In the troubling video, one official can be seen brandishing a taser, presumably to be used on the group of parents, should they have attempted to save their children from being slaughtered. 

The video also shows a man lying on his back between two vehicles, with law enforcement standing over him.

Speaking to reporters about the evolving “preliminary information,” McCraw stated, “The bottom line is law enforcement was there. They did engage immediately. They did contain (the active shooter) in the classroom.” Tragically, that fourth-grade classroom was filled with children who Ramos murdered indiscriminately. 

Ramos, who was reportedly bullied for wearing black eyeliner and speaking with a stutter, had dropped out of high school and was living with his 66-year-old grandmother, who Ramos shot in the head before speeding off in her vehicle to the elementary school. His grandmother has so far survived the gunshot wound, and was taken to a San Antonio hospital in critical condition.

When he was approximately a block away from the school, Ramos crashed the car he was driving, exited with a rifle and moved to the elementary school he planned to attack. Once on school grounds, McCraw reported that Ramos encountered a “brave resource officer,” who “engaged” him. 

What happened during this encounter is unclear. But McCraw reported that there was no gunfire “exchanged,” yet Ramos was able to enter the building. It is not clear how the shooter was able to enter the school without firing a shot, but Big League Politics will be covering this story closely as new information emerges.

According to McCraw, as Ramos was shooting, Uvalde police officers and independent school district officers “immediately” engaged Ramos, causing him to barricade himself in one of the classrooms, where he would continue to murder innocent children and teachers while law enforcement assembled a tactical team.

Ramos was shot and killed by one heroic Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent who, according to the New York Post, charged into the school with “no backup,” exchanging gunfire with Ramos, killing him and stopping him from murdering more students. The CBP agent suffered injuries during his valiant rescue, but was able to end the tragic event and save numerous children from a truly evil individual.

2 thoughts on “Families Begged Police To Save Their Children”

  1. Law enforcement is for protecting the criminals, they do nothing for law abiding citizens.
    Pretty sad.

  2. That’s what happens when you hire collage boys to do the job of street smart men.

    I’m more then sure they were following “procedure” that was written by some movie buff wanna-be with a master’s degree that never even heard a shot fired off the shooting range. Just look at the way they all use the identical two hand death grip to wave a pistol…..and eliminates the puerperal vision and “feeling” that a ghetto cop depends on to keep from getting killed. Look at the way they talk too. All geek speak with no seance of passion at all. Robots all doing what they were programmed to do and nothing more. Just what did all that equipment and training money that escaped the commies “defend the police” do? A real old time copper with a 6 gun and a club was 10,000 times the man any of these collage boys will ever be.

    You cannot go to school to become a policeman. Either you are, or you are not. No amount of “training” can change that……and just for the record I WAS a ghetto cop on the East side of Cleveland from 1970 to 1979. We all knew the job was tough when we took it and knew sometimes you get killed. And yes I DID survive situations where only luck and the grace of God kept me from getting killed, unlike 10 other guys I personally knew during that 10 years that did get killed – Comes with the badge and we all knew it.

    Heads should roll over this one, and I mean a LOT of them. Anybody who stood there, while terrorized little kids were being killed, with a spark of class should resign before the day is out. It’s not what a policeman does. Not now, not never.

    Just thinking of the way those little children died makes me sick. The bullies with badges who stood by should be charged as accessories. “I was just following orders” stopped working at Nuremberg.

    May God give peace to the parents of the children that were needlessly killed.

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