After hearing that the Texas school shooter was not white, we had figured that the only media response would be the usual call to ban all weapons from all Americans. However, never missing an opportunity to bring race into a narrative, CNN has decided that immigration enforcement is to blame for the Texas school shooting. Can we please just split the country in half already?

CNN exploited the mass shooting that happened in Texas today in order to demand Biden suspend immigration enforcement.

Radical leftist Juliette Kayyem, who served in the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama, went on CNN to call for Biden to stop enforcing immigration law in the city of Uvalde where the mass shooting happened.

“From an investigation standpoint, I’m going to do what the facts tell me now. So I have got demographics first of all and an 80 percent Hispanic school district so the most important thing for the federal government to do right now is to say there will be no immigration enforcement during this period in that area,” she said.

“We need the federal government to say right now, everyone is essentially safe harbor right now in terms of immigration status,” Kayyem continued, bemoaning “all the politics going on in Texas right now” regarding the border crisis.

The CNN clips can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the unprecedented border crisis that has developed in Texas aided by the lax policies of the Biden regime:

Retired Lt. Col. Raul Reyes will stand boldly against the migrant invasion that is being allowed to cross the Texas state border by Democrats and complicit Republicans while serving in the state senate.

Reyes issued a comment to Big League Politics after border patrol posted a video showing how dire the situation has become in Texas:

Fox News journalist Bill Melugin filmed part of the unprecedented invasion and war on our national sovereignty and posted the footage on Twitter as well:

“The invasion of Texas is unacceptable.  I oppose this invasion in the strongest possible terms and I vow to continue to work tirelessly to protect and preserve Texas’ sovereignty,” Reyes told Big League Politics.

“The current situation of our Great State of Texas is emblematic of how current leadership has chosen their own self interests over the best interest of Texas families. I will take action on day one and join other true conservatives to save Texas!” he added.

Reyes’ opponent for District 24 state senate is Pete Flores, who has been endorsed by the pro-amnesty group, the LIBRE Initiative. While previously serving in the state senate, Flores refused to support House Bill HB4306, a reform that would have strengthened border security and infrastructure. Immigration patriot activists have started a campaign at to draw attention to Flores’ abysmal ‘America Last’ record.

Democrats will not even wait for the bodies to get warm before they exploit these tragedies for their anti-American agenda. CNN should be ashamed.