August 11, 2022

3 thoughts on “MSNBC: GOP is the ‘Domestic Terrorist Party’

  1. IN an effort to switch the truth the democrats are trying to imply that they represent the values of America, when in truth they represent everything that is non-American. They are the party of the KKK, the party of segregation, the party willing to lie, cheat, steal, commit criminal acts and ignore/manipulate the laws established over our 250-year history. They are the “minority in fear” that need to be abolished from this land. The cancer that has plagued us for too many years.

  2. If 1/4 of Republican men are white supremacists then at least 1/2 of all democrats are straight up communists and everyone on MSDNC are lunatics. Can’t wait to see tons of them ousted in Nov. Oh what will they do when they lose the house and senate. Oh I know they will go back to their non stop harassment of Trump and anyone who supports him because they are so, so afraid of him getting elected in 24. If they were as good of politicians as they are liars they might be fooling people. They’re not fooling anyone. After we have all had a chance to see just how radical and looney they are and how quickly they have weaponized the government against their political enemies and have pretty much destroyed whatever good was left of this country I’m betting they won’t get control of any branch of government for at least 12 years and hopefully never again.

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