August 11, 2022

8 thoughts on “Gen. Flynn to Sue FBI and DOJ

  1. It is unthinkable that an American Hero was deliberately destroyed by the very people in charge of our government. Obama IS as guilty as Comey and his lickspittle crew of un-American, globalist, elites who openly and contemptuously laughed at us. These insane traitors worked in unison to destroy this good man AND our choice of President of the United States of America.
    There is no punishment great enough to give them what, in another time, would be called TREASON.

  2. I say it’s about time passed time. Everyone that can fight should get behind Gen. Flynn anyway they can. If there are people out there with information get it to the right people. That doesn’t mean the government that’s in power now.? 😵‍💫

  3. Hopefully, as all the necessary information is discovered in this lawsuit, we will learn about the criminal involvement by Obama, Comey and all those other slimy “non-Americans” and start putting them in prison or worse.

  4. Flynn is a traitor. Trump’s connection to Russia has been demonstrated and documented on numerous occasions and the insurrection on January 6 was a failed coup attempt. You can call them anything that you want if it makes you feel like more of an American and less of a the cult following seditionist that you are. There is more to authoritarianism than a free red hat.

    1. I am so sorry you feel that way. Trump’s connection has been finally proved to be a hoax. One of Clinton’s lawyers is going to trial now. You should know that. The Jan 6 event was orchestrated by Pelosi and her crew. Pelosi set up the steps leading to that day, knowing Trump would be blamed for everything.
      Biden is totally anti-American, as is his master Obama. I’m sorry you cannot see what is going on in America.

  5. I salute the General forbid determination to go forward and suit the corrupt bastards. He deserves a lot more than $50 million dollars for all that the Obama administration put him and his family through.

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