May 28, 2023

4 thoughts on “Hilarious: Jan. 6 Committee Loses Key Witness

  1. Good for Giuliani!!!! When it comes to the government I wouldn’t do anything without video evidence of the entire event. They are so corrupt. At any point they could stop “recording “ in order to make a lie look real.

  2. Good for Rudy! Who would be willing to to walk into a pack of wolves and wonder what’s for dinner?

  3. Sounds like they intended to have the “Transcript” written by the Ministry of Truth, and in fact would have only a superficial resemblance to what was actually said. Why else would they have nay objection to a live video recording of the testimony to compare to the “Transcript” ?

  4. They would cherry pick and distort his testimony just like his statement in court that “this is not about voter fraud” when the case was about the Pennsylvania constitution.;

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