June 8, 2023

5 thoughts on “Antifa protesters injure two with “mortars”

  1. Just one of the top 5 lawless cities run by Democrats. If the people are not smart enough to realize if you vote for a Democrat expect your city to bow down to criminals. Defunding police, no cash bail, and light sentences for criminals are what Democrats do.

  2. These “LEFTISTS” are NOTHING but COMMUNISTS! SHUT down free speech, lob smoke bombs @ PEACEFUL PROTESTERS, blow whistles, AND THREATEN “ANYBODY”, “WHILE” dressed in BLACK, SO NOBODY KNOWS WHO THEY ARE! Hitler had “BROWN” shirts, & “I think” Mussolini had ” BLACK” shirts..AMERICA “today” has BOTH, SO! “WHAT” is WASHINGTON “doing ” about ANY of this? ZILCH! Biden is “cluelessness” & “ACORN OBAMA” IS “running the show., AND “WE” know that OBAMA’s got Communist “left” leanings.Too BOOT, AMERICA has “NO CLUE, “WHO’S running the White House! Let’s start with Susan Rice!Who’s the Iranian who’s “MOM” is a journalist for IRAN?

  3. Move all the leftist gutter trash to California, Oregon, WShington and New York. Give them the states and don’t let them move to any other state. Let them live as trashy and immoral as they want. They can steal from each other, and if they run out of resources too bad. They’ll have to figure out how to live in the filth they created. The rest of the country doesn’t need these type of people, the loose immoral, perverted, baby killers, ghetto, criminals, illegals, Antifa, BLM, and Hollyweird!

  4. If the the police are abrade to do the job they swore to do and don’t care about taking one more step toward a horrible civil war then there are organizations like OathKeepers that will have to step up and do the lob. ,,,,, But the consequences will be devastating.

    It would be so much better if the police would do their job…And.If the FIB(sic) would stop intimidating honest citizens and framing people and do the job they are paid to do instead it would be the end of ANTIFA, BLM and all the other subversive commie organizations. . ,,

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