May 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “Will Europe Bring Back a Military Draft?

  1. I am all for the Draft and the first ones that should be drafted are the leftist Democrats that have ruined this Country. Maybe a stint in the Military would teach them some common sense and respect,.

  2. I CAN”T HEAR YOU.!!!!! Draft the worthless loafers….

    For years my wife and most of my family and friends have said the only thing that has a chance of saving the country is to bring back the draft.

    For starters these snowflaes would have to get up a 5am for the first time in their lives. I especially would love to see the up and coming young Karens running a mile and doing PT before breakfast with a DI’s boot up their ass the whole way.

    I was a typical mid century kid when I got drafted. Played football when they didn’t give you water at summer practice, Was in the Boy Scouts before they turned queer and we slept out in lean tos in the winter time. John Wayne and Hopalong Casiday were our heros and we used to shoot each other with BB guns when we played war……The kids were a might tougher back then. ,,,,, But still, the first day of basic training some big shock to me.

    Here is one thong for sure. After the Yuppy Puppys ETSed they would be satisfied with,,,,Less.

    OH yea, Did you know in ’66 the also drafted into the Marine Corps. When I was in the induction center 1 out of 6 was taken to the crotch. I CAN”T HEAR YOU!

    Sweet drams, children.

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