May 29, 2023

8 thoughts on “Soros, Obama and Clinton are coming for Musk

  1. All of them putting their brains together is not even equivalent to Elons left nut.

  2. Obama Soros & Clinton should mind their own business & quit trying to spread lies to the citizens of America

  3. So they are saying that Americans are not intelligent enough to think for themselves so these groups are responsible for thinking for us? That way we don’t have to tax our feeble little brains.

  4. Everything is corrupt; FDA,CDC FAUCI, Gates & a majority of the democrat politicians including Biden & Obama.

  5. Elon. You have more brains and gusto than all these three inhuman beings put together!!!!
    Get together with DJT and throw them where they belong!!!

  6. Soros, Obama, Clinton FDA,CDC, FAUCI, & Gates are against our constitution and the freedom of the American people. DJT and Elon is the answer that will take these far-left out of business. All American’s should get behind DJT& Elon to preserve of freedom and our country. Soros, Obama, Clinton & Fauci should be behind bars. If they have committed treason they should pay the price (death).

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