DHS Czar actively spreads disinformation on TikTok

You would think the Federal Government had a decent grasp on background check. For instance, if they were hiring someone to be in charge of stopping disinformation in America, an honest American would imagine our state made sure the potential hire was not currently circulating disinformation on Chinese owned apps. However, in the case of Nina Jankowicz, we would be wrong in our hopes.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted he was “not aware” of some of the videos Nina Jankowicz – the anticipated new head of the Biden Disinformation Governance Board – had created and shared on social media.

“When the department picked [Nina Jankowicz], was the department aware of her Tik Tok videos?” Senator John Kennedy asked Mayorkas during a hearing on Tuesday.

“I was not aware of those videos,” Mayorkas replied.

Even long before that admission, many have criticized the DHS for choosing someone who has been deeply involved in spreading disinformation online as their chief advisor on this issue.

For example, Jankowicz routinely called the Hunter Biden laptop ‘disinformation.’ Which Mayorkas also conceded that he didn’t know about.

All this creates understandable concerns regarding Mayorkas and this new “Ministry of Truth” operation because it seems as though the DHS did not conduct a thorough review of Jankowicz’s background and past work before appointing her to this important role.

Now, serious questions about whether Jankowicz is qualified and credible enough to serve as the primary arbiter of information on government websites and social media platforms are more relevant than ever.

Americans also feel incredibly distrustful of the organization due to its overt vagueness when describing what it will do and how it will protect free speech.

For instance, during a recent airing of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Mayorkas was asked, “what exactly will this disinformation board do?”

His response: “The fact is that disinformation that creates a threat to the security of the homeland is our responsibility to address.”

Mayorkas then went on to reassure that the board will be “absolutely” neutral, even though most Americans think differently.

“I can assure you that this is not going to be a board that’s silencing anyone,” Mayorkas added. “It’s neither the intent nor will it be the effect of this group.”

But if Jankowicz’s past social media posts are any indication of her future behavior, then it seems likely that she will use her position to silence the voices of many conservative Americans.

What’s even more concerning is that this new board may be used as a tool by politicians to combat criticism, rather than disinformation “threats.”

We have seen this tactic routinely from Democrats who consider Republican political speech as “dangerous” and “harmful” on many occasions. Just look at what they are claiming about Tucker Carlson’s show.

Even last month, for example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Republicans who question the election results are “engaging in an act of sedition.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also went after GOP senators who were considering objecting to the Electoral College results, saying that they were “playing with fire.”

These are just a few examples of how Democrats have tried to silence their political opponents by using terms like “disinformation” and “misinformation” to delegitimize any dissenting viewpoints.

Now, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration plans to use this new board as a way to target and censor conservative Americans who disagree with his party.

But, in his defense, what other options does Biden have left at this point.

3 thoughts on “DHS Czar actively spreads disinformation on TikTok”

  1. Biden is not a real american that believes in free speech, he is as crooked as all the lies about covid the democrats have been reporting.

  2. What other options does the senile old goat have?….Put a pistol in his mouth and pull the trigger. Everyone including him would be WAY better off,,,,,except kamsahft would be the prez….but then how much worse off could we get when the commies are starting a Ministry of Truth and getting away with it?

    This is crossing the line big time and putting Frau Geobbles the second in charge of it just liable to be the start of a civil war. (how is it they call President Trump a Nazi but then operate right out of Mine Kamph) But hey, calling the bitch a Czar is right in line with the NWO Marxist (democrat) partie’s doctrine of dictatorship. It’s the NWO way. The elites tell the basket of deplorables what to think, how to live, and what to say.

    —- Don’t think they can pull it off? Look how in the (false) name of “common good” how many sheep blindly put on masks and got stick taking the clot shot? – And stood by and watched small business people loose everything they had? Just was the first step in getting the sheeple used to total control. ,,, BTW, The negatives of the what the ‘gubment” did on the entire “pandemic” thing outweighed the good 10:1. – It sis give them something to blame the devastation caused by their “green” policies on. Like $5 gasoline.

    That was the first move of control by the NWO Marxists. – Then then after they got their asses handed to them by the courts about forcing the clot shot, and have so far failed to repeal the Second Amendment, what is left but to go after the First with an already totally corrupt Ministry of Truth,,,,,The “Czar is under fire before she even answers her office phone.

    Funny about the timing too. (President Trump is starting his own network and Elon Musk has taken control of twitter so the commies will no longer be able to silence them…So up comes the Minstry of Truth to shut them down….BTW . I see Fox news and any other conservative leaning media outlet,,,,,like this very site here,,,,,falling under the boot of the “Truth Czar” and being shut down. What’s to stop her?

    If they are looking for a war they sure are going about it the right way, but it’s not going to be race against like the half honky and his boss soreass wanted. – It’s going to be We the People against the Wokies,,,,,,and not that it’s going to be any picnic ,.. but guess who has the guns? If the country makes it through, maybe it will be a lot better then it is now,,,,,like maybe go back to 1965?. No OSHA, NO Homeland Security, No EPA and no Global warming and we had 2-Parties, Both American., and the most despicable thing you could call a person was “Communist”….. and no friggin Ministry of truth.

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