May 28, 2023

1 thought on “MSNBC Anchor ‘Drove 3 Hours” to Little Boy

  1. OK, there is no way a disgusting fag way over 21 years old should EVER be doing anything sexual with a 15 year old male, or female for that matter, but calling a 15 year old kid a “little boy” is a page right out of the NWO Marxist’s “Ministry of Truth” play book.

    It’s more then bad enough already and there is no need to “Punch it up” by calling a 15 year old a “little boy” oe a “Child”. All it dose is degrade your credibility and make it look almost like fake news. – There are 15 year olds in Ukraine that are killing Russian combat soldiers. I don’t think they would put up with you calling them “Children: even though they are still young kids.

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