May 29, 2023

1 thought on “Bill Gates Demands New Division for WHO

  1. This chump is no technocrat. – He just happened to be lucky enough to have been involved in a rather simple (at the time) operating system called “MS DOS” and for some unknown reason IBM chose it over CP-M. and since the retard had someone talk him into getting a copywrite patent he started getting royalties. Then he had people buy into the company and they started to copy Apple with the “Windows” operating system that has planned obsolesce and a captive audience that has to buy new operating systems if they want to use current software sold by others. – The crooks have a monopoly yet the FTC refuses to break them up.

    IN other words the clown is rich because he rode on the backs of others. He has no business savey of his own at all and is just a front for the crooks that actually run Microsoft.

    The best thing the woke green “rain man” retard could do to help this country and the entire world is to shut his retarded mouth and go to his Calfagfornia “compound” and never come out of it again

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