For those who remember the constant hysterics from the left about kids in cages during the Trump era, you might be surprised to hear that Biden has actually done the same thing to Ukrainians who escaped war.

According to a report from the New York Times, Ukrainian children are being “separated from relatives, friends or older siblings with whom they have traveled to the southern border.”

Yet there’s no outrage from Democrats about how evil the Biden administration is. Weird, right?

Oh, I’m not shocked at all. Democrats have had surprisingly lax attitudes about what’s going on at the border since Biden took office. In fact, Biden’s been putting immigrant children in cages … we’re just not supposed to call them that anymore because of the narrative.

What? You didn’t actually think Democrats cared about immigrant children, did you? Of course not. All those sob stories about the traumatic experiences of immigrant children being separated from their families garnered all that attention because the important thing was making Trump look bad.

Even though Joe Biden promised to end family separations at the border, his administration is now defending the policy, which says that any minor not with a parent or legal guardian is considered “unaccompanied,” and therefore the policy requires separating the child and adult they came with and screening the adult for signs of human trafficking, even if they’re a relative.

“Any potential guardian must, by law, be vetted prior to reunification to protect against trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable children,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

We’ll get to revisit whether this policy is a good thing again on Jan. 21, 2025.