August 19, 2022

2 thoughts on “Elon Musk Confronts Bill Gates Over Absurd Hypocrisy

  1. gates is a greedy , evil globalist! Needs to be stopped! Besides, if I had the money Musk has, I would NEVER do business with a pedophile!

  2. Like Musk, Hate Gates. It’s like the difference between Hanoi Jane and Audie Murphy, God bless Elon and God damn Gates, but anybody who thinks Tesla or any other electric car “saves”: the environment hasn’t got a clue about engineering and manufacturing and thinks electricity comes out of the wall.

    Sorry Elon. You make some niftty rich boy’s play things but viable transportation for the cast majority of We the People?,,,Fagedaboudid. and they take a LOT of those terrible polluting raw materials to make and leave behind environmentally damaging waste when they wear out.

    Replacing a couple of fossil fuel plants with one nuclear plant would do more the “help” the environment then all the Tesla cars built to date and all that will be built for the next 30 years but the wokies tell us we cannot have any nuclear plants and what they want, they get.

    Newsflash for the snowflakes-
    Electricity does NOT come from the wall at your mommie’e house and without generated electricity, electric cars can’t get out of the driveway,,,,,,and wind and solar will NEVER be half as reliable as nuclear power, so if you want to drive a car every day you better come up with a better plan then brandon and buttplug and the rest of the woke greenies have because it will NEVER work.

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