May 28, 2023

9 thoughts on “Child Beat by adult gang for “Black” haircut

  1. will blacks EVER be charged when beating, killing, property damage is proven to be a “racial hate crime”????? NEVER!!!

  2. Find these pieces of trash and prosecute them to the maximum the law allows. This letting them off easy for what ever reason has to stop. Juveniles or not, they are criminals and MUST be punished. These liberal judges better wise up and quit letting these hoodlums off easy. The citizenry is more important than these thugs.

  3. BLM is a criminal, marxist organization financially supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and corporate “Woke” businesses that have been infiltrated by extreme leftist agents. The result of this is that over 80% of the crime seen committed on both left and right media, is committed by black individuals.

  4. Typical left wing brainwashing that is why crime is so high in Democrat states. So much for no cash bail and defunding the police. I am glad I live in a red state we still believe in justice and supporting our police.

  5. According to BLM blacks can’t be racist. Looks very racist to me to call braids a black hairstyle and attack a woman merely because she had her hair in braids. That is the definition of racism. This country is thwarted with racism- black racism against whites. Exactly what everyone screaming racism wanted to frighten everyone into black supremacy.

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